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Are Lightweight Rugs a Good Choice for Your Horse?

If you’re a horse owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of (or maybe already use) horse rugs. Just like us humans, there are times when horses need protective garments – whether out on 3_img_1_650the field or in a stable. There are wide variety of horse rugs out there that can offer this protection to your horse. Each type of rug has been designed for a specific purpose; however some, like lightweight rugs, can be used in a more general way. Let’s look at how lightweight rugs can be of benefit to your horse.

Unlike those horse rugs that are designed for a specific purpose, a lightweight rug can be worn by your horse in a variety of seasons and situations. Because the rug uses lighter materials, wearing a rug like this is less restricting for the horse and so can be worn more often. Ideally, lightweight rugs are suited for use in seasons like spring and autumn, when the weather is more variable and less extreme. A heavyweight rug may be ideal when the temperature is below zero, but it won’t be much good if the temperature starts at 1 degree in the morning then gets to 16 in the afternoon. Lightweight rugs are a great solution because they can cater to this variable weather and aren’t too restricting or heavy for the horse.

Lightweight rugs are also a good choice for anyone looking to protect the horse from other things that can happen when a horse is out on the field. For example, some horses can get grubby coats thanks to the mud and dirt that gets kicked up. A lightweight rug will cover the horse’s coat and so protect it from any dirt or debris that may be in the air. While they’re not as secure as a specialised fly rug, lightweight rugs can also help keep insects away from the horse – protecting it from bites. Of course, if the weather is a little more extreme or you have a fly problem that you’d like solving, there are plenty of specialised horse rugs on the market that can be a big help for owners.

This type of rug is available in an array of colours and materials, and generally speaking they are very affordable. If you have a horse and you don’t yet have a rug for it to wear, it may be time to look into getting one. If you’ve already investigated and found the options a bit mind-boggling, it may be reassuring to know that a lightweight rug is a very good all-rounder – so it’s recommended for most seasons and most weathers. The lightweight design means that the rug is comfortable for the horse and won’t restrict its movement or keep it from enjoying its freedom when out on the field.
So what do you think? Are lightweight rugs a good choice for your horse? If you're already convinced, make sure you take a look at the huge range of colours and styles of lightweight rugs now, and discover how you can make life even more comfortable for your horse!