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Mark Todd Turnout Rugs

Mark Todd Turnout Rugs

First and foremost, turnout rugs will keep your horse protected against extremes of temperature (both lightweight and heavyweight variations are available). The rugs will also help stop any dirt or debris


getting on the horse?s coat. Others still are designed to keep flies and other airborne insects away from the horse (vital to avoid problems like sweet itch). Turnout rugs are an affordable and easy way to keep a horse in tip-top shape wherever they are roaming. And it doesn?t matter what the weather is like either ? there are turnout rugs available for when the weather is at less than zero, and those for when the sun is shining. It?s all about flexibility and giving you the most choice possible when looking to protect your horse when it?s out on the field.

What are the features?

Turnout rugs can be found in a great many materials, designs and colours. The materials used generally reflect what the rug will be used for; so a heavyweight rug for winter will usually include padding of some kind, whereas a lightweight rug will often be one layer and quite breathable. Turnout rugs also differ in how much body coverage they offer to the horse. Some cover the entire body and some of the legs with a belly strap in the middle, while others may only be placed in the back of the horse. Which one is right for you and your four-legged friend will depend on your personal preferences.

Ready to invest in your own Mark Todd turnout rug?

Whether you want to avoid mud and dirt getting onto your horse?s coat when they?re galloping around the field or you?re in need of a way of eliminating bug bites and other stresses, Mark Tod turnout rugs are a great solution. And not only are they great looking, they?re also very affordable and so most horse owners will be able to benefit from their features without breaking the bank. Best of all, turnout rugs are available in so many forms that you?re sure to find something that will be perfect for you and your horse.